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Pity Party

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As some of you may know, this weekend, in Atlanta, is BlogHer Food ’11. It’s pretty much a food bloggers conference filled with awesome: panels, lectures, samples, and information galore for foodies and food bloggers. Well, some of us couldn’t make it this year (or any year so far). But fear not! The Peche has cradled our fall! The BlogHer Food ’11 Pity Party!

That’s right. A whole mess of us have been twittering/tweeting/twhatever-ing all weekend, whining like little Veruca Salt’s, and crying sour grapes. It’s not fair!! What’s even worse, at my house we seem to have a shortage of wine but an abundance of schnapps. Uh-oh. If you’d like to get in on the Twitter fun, see that pink button over there, to the right? Follow me on Twitter and we can schnapp-it-up together. 🙂

So today, unshowered and unmotivated, I decided to make something easy: homemade “sun”dried tomatoes. (They aren’t dried in the sun, I used an oven.)

  • 4-5 medium sized Roma tomatoes (or “Tomatoes on the vine” – I used both.)
  • salt
  • pepper
  • olive oil
  1. Cut Roma tomatoes into fourths, and remove the gooey insides. They look like little canoes!:
  2. Or you could take the tomatoes and cut them into wheels.:
  3. Coat with olive oil, salt, and pepper.
  4. If making wheels, bake at 200°F (93°C) for three hours. If making little canoes, bake at the same temperature, for five hours. You’re looking for them to be raisin-like, and still a bit flexible.

Both versions (Roma, and on-the-vine) came out delicious.

See? I was so unmotivated, I didn’t even prep my sheets with foil.

My favorite thing to do with these, is throw a couple in a blender with some mayo and basil, and whip up a delicious spread for sandwiches, (try it on a grilled cheese sandwich. You’ll want to marry me. And I might even say yes depending on how much you beg.)

For storage, you have two options: Pack in oil, or bag. Throw them in a freezer bag, and toss in the freezer forever (almost.) These do last a rather long time that way. If you prefer to put them in jars and cover with oil, make sure to refrigerate! Always.

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2 Notes

  1. Aimee says:

    Love it! Didn’t even know you could make ‘sun’ dried tomatoes in an oven. Will definitely have to try this 🙂 Although im terrible and once they are done i’d probably drop them all into a little bowl of olive oil D:

  2. C.Ann says:

    My husband and I eat these until they are gone! I don’t are if I make 2 pans at a time – we eat them – they are just too good!