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Cereal Milkshakes

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A few years ago, a fast-food place(*cough*Carls Jr*cough*) started serving a cereal milkshake. My friends and I pretty much exploded with excitement. We’d go out all together and get one about once a week. But then they started slowly disappearing from our nearest fast-food places. Not discouraged, late one night, we drove all over town trying to find one that was still open, just so we could get our hands on that delicious milkshake. Silence all around on the drive home, as we were all slurping away at our victory shake. (For the record, we didn’t have to drive too far…)

But then that fast-food place stopped serving the awesome shake everywhere. Tales would be told for years to come, to new friends who joined our group, about “that awesome cereal shake,” and “remember the night we went on that adventure in search of one?”

The most embarrassing part of all is: not one person, suggested we try making it ourselves. The idea was never brought up. It seemed destined to be this magical unicorn milk that we were lucky enough to have stumbled upon, and then *poof* it Mary-Poppins-ed out of our lives, to go spread it’s joy to other dimensions.


It could happen.

But lately, (and this might just be me, fashionably late for the party,) I’ve been seeing a lot of recipes that include “cereal milk.” Yknow, the milk that’s left over from your bowl of cereal that’s been infused with all of the flavors of said cereal? I never drink the cereal milk, it always grossed me out, so the thought of using it for something else would have never crossed my mind.

But here we are. A lot of time has passed, friends have come and gone, new adventures have been had, but I’ll always remember the night we went looking for the last cereal milkshake.

The first two versions here are similar: vanilla ice cream, milk, and cereal milk. The last, however, instead of regular milk, I used chocolate soy milk. Why? Because I had chocolate soy milk in my fridge, and I love chocolate soy milk.

Ingredients for Cereal Milk
  • Milk
  • cereal
Instructions for Cereal Milk
  1. Pour milk + cereal into a bowl, and let sit for 5-7 minutes.
  2. Strain out solids, and pour cereal milk into container and refrigerate until you’re ready to use it.

You don’t need instructions on how to make a milkshake, do you? I knew it. You’re just too cool for school. 😉
Juuuuust in case: It’s ice cream + cereal milk + handful of your favorite cereal. Blend.

I chose three different kinds:

Cap’n Crunch

Cocoa Krispies – This is the one in which I used chocolate soy milk.

…and Fruit Loops

Now if you’re against brightly colored, sugary cereals, by all means, use your favorite healthy cereal mix. Same with the milk; feel free to use almond, soy, hemp, etc. I promise it would be a delightful, creamy, dreamy change from that morning green smoothie everyone-and-their-mom is making lately.

Good morning! 🙂

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16 Notes

  1. Erica F says:

    This sounds fantastic!

  2. Bourbonnatrix says:

    1) great idea! 2) fabulous pics, and 3) just wanted to tell you how i LOVE your blog design. Super nice 😉

  3. dannie says:

    OMG! I’m trying this tomorrow with Cocoa Pebbles cereal milk, a frozen banana and vanilla ice cream 😉

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  5. Yum!
    Tried it with nutrigrain but made it totally unhealthy – added vanilla ice cream which I softened and stir through milk-soggy nutrigrain, milk, extra soggy nutrigrain, normal crunchy nutrigrain and a touch of vanilla essence!

    Thanks for inspiration!

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  8. Calysa says:

    I used milk, strawberries, fruit loops

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  11. gilbert says:

    Thanks but it wasn’t very much help because it didn’t really look like a fruit loop smoothie but thanks any way.