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Where’s the Bump??

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20 week bumpie

20 Weeks!!

Half-way there! The bump is finally starting to get hard to hide!

What’s new?
Because my mother had gestational diabetes (GD) when she was pregnant with me, my midwife was concerned that I may have GD as well, so I took the 1-hour glucose test early (it’s usually done around week 25-ish).

I failed.

About the glucose test:
It’s not scary, at all. I was worried to tears about it. You have to drink a small bottle of orange-flavored liquid (sometimes it’s lemon-lime or fruit punch flavored,) and then you wait a while and get your blood drawn. The liquid tastes identical to a melted popsicle. If you don’t like sweets, it may be a little intense for you… but if you’re like me, and LOVE cakes, candies, cookies, etc… you’ll be juuussst fiiiine.

3 hour glucose test

So I had to go back and get the 3-hour glucose test. This time, I fast for 12 hours, get a baseline blood draw when I first get there, drink the sugary drink, and then get my blood tested once an hour, for three hours. It wasn’t bad. They tapped the same 2 veins every time. The phlebotomists are WONDERFUL women; they know I’m nervous and my fear of needles, so they chat me up the whole time to keep my mind occupied. And Mike came with me too, to hold my hand. 🙂

But… um… I failed that one too.

Gestational Diabetes:
From now until the end of the pregnancy, I have to test my blood, 4 times a day (upon waking, 2-hours after breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and keep it under 120. I refuse to use the pen-gun thingy. I take the lancet and poke my own finger. *shrugs* It’s the only way I can do it. The pen-gun causes so much anxiety… it’s like the anticipation of a jack-in-the-box X 1,000,000.

I haven’t met with a dietitian yet, (because she’s been booked solid until February.) But… I feel like that’s going to be more of a chatting/hang-out session. I’m Nutritional Science major, and my parents have diabetes, so… really, I already know everything she’s going to tell me. But hey, I’m still excited to meet her.

So far though? It is going great! The hardest thing for me to control, is my desire for cereal. If you know me, you know how much I love cereal. And this baby apparently loves it too. But mama needs to cut back… so I just don’t let myself buy it anymore, because I can’t have just ONE bowl. That’s crazy.

Assuming I can keep my blood sugar under control with just diet and exercise, I was reassured that I wouldn’t be induced (which is one thing I am greatly trying to avoid). I was told a lot of community hospitals tend to make up their own rules for that kind of thing… but I’m going to a research hospital, and, to quote my midwife, they “don’t go based off of hunches or feelings.”

+2lbs so far. I was already overweight before I got pregnant, and was told it would be best if I only gained a max of 10lbs by the end of my pregnancy. So far, so good.

Boy or girl?
We had our 20-week anatomy ultrasound the other day, and since we’re team green, the OB who performs the ultrasound had to keep telling us when to look away so the surprise didn’t get ruined! I was very tempted to glance over at the screen, but I held strong! So we’re still team GREEN! Still set on the names we had picked out months ago, too. I don’t “feel” strongly one way or the other… my mom is hoping it’s a boy, and we think Mike’s mom is rooting for us to have a girl. We’ll just have to wait and see!

I get tired a lot easier. And I have to pee a lot more often. I used to take a few hours and plow through cleaning the entire apartment. Now? I just swept and mopped the living room floor, and I want to take a nap.

We’ll be moving into a bigger apartment next month, and I wont be able to help very much, due to not being able to lift heavy things. Last time we moved, I swear we must have burned at least 1,000 calories… I felt like She-Hulk! But this time? We have to hire movers to do all of the work.

Pregnancy brain has definitely gotten to me. I get days of the week confused, or I’ll go to Google something and by the time the new window opens up, I’ve already forgotten when I wanted to Google, etc. Whose idea was it for me to take on a full-time course load at school this quarter? My brain can’t keep up.

I play music for baby, gotta make sure he/she has good taste! 😉 But to be honest, I haven’t talked to baby much. I’ve been having a hard time connecting and enjoying my pregnancy because I spend the majority of the time worrying and obsessively, well, worrying some more. Therapy is helping with that, though.

Baby is good. I’m starting to feel movements! They pretty much feel like random muscle twitches. When I have to pee, baby likes to dance on my bladder. He/she already has our twisted sense of humor… We don’t have a nickname like “peanut” or “bean” or anything… we just call baby, “baby.” The OB who performed the ultrasound said baby is going to be LONG (which makes sense, as Mike and I are both 6′ tall).

Until next time… !

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