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Wedding Recap – Part 2

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By the time Friday night rolled around, I needed some wine. Mike’s family had just arrived in town, and took us out for dinner and drinks.

Aaaaand I have no pictures from that night. Noooooooo! A blogger’s nightmare! Dinner was yummy, and the wine was even better. Oh the wine. We fell asleep late, and woke up the next day to…

No rain! Sunshine!

Because we weren’t able to set up anything all week, this meant the morning of our wedding was going to be a day full day of hard work.

My brother-in-law and his wife showed up early in the morning to help us set up the tables, linens, chairs, centerpieces, etc. And my other brother-in-law helped Mike set up the ceremony space and the arbor. My mom and my sister were busy running around getting all of the last minute goods for cocktail hour.

setting up the ceremony

At some point, Mike and I retreated upstairs and Mike fell asleep. I was going over more checklists, and then I fell asleep too. The next thing I knew, I heard our photographer Emily talking downstairs. AHHH! I didn’t finish my checklists! There’s so much left to do!

So much happened, the whole day really was a blur. Immediately after the photographer arrived, my hairstylist showed up, followed by the florist and the DJs…. The day started to feel like going over the first hill of a roller coaster; everything was happening so fast and I had no control.

Although, this is where my checklists came into play. Past-Cathy made sure to write out EVERYTHING for future-Cathy, so future-Cathy wouldn’t have to freak out.

organized makeup

See? Even my makeup was organized. I never got to enjoy that “Crunchie” candy bar though…

My photographer was amazing; she tried her best to make sure I stayed hydrated (at one point that morning, I started feeling very dizzy). I’m terrible at remembering to drink water, really.

She and her husband were wonderful!

KJ on the railing

Our photographer’s husband, KJ. He is hanging off the railing to get a picture of my dress hanging in the window. He was so dedicated! It was awesome!
fix the bow

The bow. The damn bow. I never practiced tying the bow on my dress! Good job Cathy. So both my sister, and my photographer Emily, gave me some much needed help.

Mike getting ready

Ok, all set, and ready to go. I started hearing classical music being played outside, and people talking. Wait, PEOPLE ARE HERE? Yes Cathy, people are here. Duh. I became instantly nervous.

Emily snuck me out of the house (some guests were hanging out in the living room,) and drove me up behind the house into the woods, to meet Mike, for our first look photos. He cried! I got Mike to cry! This man never cries! (Although if you ask him what happened, he’ll say millions of invisible bugs were swarming around his eyes.)

flower girl

Sophia, my niece. She did a great job carrying her bouquet down the aisle!

Our ceremony was short and sweet, about 20 minutes long, and we decided to forgo having a wedding party. We wrote our own vows, and chose some special readings from authors we love. (Mike cried during that too. I was also crying, but I was so dehydrated, I couldn’t make any tears, and my throat and mouth were bone dry. Yeah, definitely not comfortable. So learn from my mistake and MAKE SURE YOU STAY HYDRATED!!)

And then after Mike and I kissed…

dont you forget about me

Our recessional song was “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds.

…we threw our fists in the air! (The Breakfast Club, anyone?)

Hooray! Now we get to eat!

The cake toppers were custom made to match our wedding invitations. You’ll notice my shoulder has popped out of its socket, but it’s all good. We’re keepin’ it real.


(Flavors: Vanilla w/Oreo cookies, key lime, and pistachio cupcakes with vanilla and chocolate Swiss Meringue Buttercream frosting.)

No one got a picture of me smashing the cake on Mike’s forehead. My first trust-test as a wife, and I failed by betraying my husband. AAHAHAHAHHA!

Speaking of no evidence… I wish I got a picture of the food we had at our wedding. What kind of food blogger am I?? Dammit.

We had Dinosaur BBQ cater our wedding. We gave our guests yummy options like pulled chicken, Italian sausage, beef brisket, with salt potatoes (because, duh,) cucumber and tomato salad, and black beans and rice for sides.

I had so much anxiety all day and was so nervous, I barely ate. Super disappointed looking back now, because the food was DELICIOUS! Everyone loved it! I wish I had thought about getting some Xanax to calm my ass down so I could eat. Food is important at a wedding, arguably the most important aspect for your guests. As soon as we decided to have the wedding in NY, there was no question what kind of food we were going to be serving; Dinosaur BBQ was a no-brainer.

Table centerpieces, and wine. (Those were the votives I had mentioned in part 1.) I’m not a crafty girl, but these were beautiful! Super easy to make, and they looked great. (Also, sparkles.)

Also on each table, were tomato cans that we spray painted with a metallic-texture spray, filled with flowers. We chose something that looks messy, and wild-flower-y.
flower centerpiece

We had a candy table, because anyone that knows me, knows how much I love candy. Of course I didn’t get any candy though. That’s an unfortunate bride-truth: You will not get to enjoy the foods and treats you serve at your own wedding. To the very right, you can begin to see cups and wine bottles for the booze table. We had two mixed drinks in beverage containers: a tequila orange punch, and an old fashioned. Plus wine. Lots and lots of wine. And my cousin brews his own beer, and was kind enough to share his IPA with us.

candy table

(Rolos, mini M&Ms, hard fruity candies, Bit ‘O Honey candies, and blue rockcandy. Because we loved Breaking Bad so much, we just had to have it in there. No it didn’t go with our theme, but who cares?)

The DJs were great! They had an awesome sound system (sorry, slight audiophile here,) and they helped create the perfect loop for the processional song (which was the intro to “Dreams” by The Cranberries.) We gave them a list of music we would like them to play, a couple of bands and songs that under no circumstance were to be played ever, and they took requests from our guests all night long. A couple of favorites from the night (aside from our first dance): the theme song to Ghostbusters, and “The Safety Dance.” So much fun!! I even got Mike to dance. HAH!

kissing dailey

black and white kiss

After the wedding, before heading back to our hotel, we stopped at Wegmans. There was some kind of prom going on that night, so we didn’t get too many weird stares…


Two crackers in the cracker aisle.

Planning a wedding from 3000 miles away wasn’t easy. Would I do it again? Sure. I’m DAMN proud of what we accomplished.

I’m not the type of person to expect anything to go right; I don’t trust anyone, I guard myself, and prepare for the worst. But absolutely nothing went wrong! Everyone showed up on time, everything looked beautiful, and everything was perfect.

I was completely blown away by the amount of love and support Mike and I received from our friends and families. Their unquestionable willingness to do whatever we needed to be done, left me speechless. “We’ll take care of that,” “what else do you need?” “We’ll set that up,” “we’ll go pick that up for you.” I had a really hard time letting people help us, and I felt incredibly guilty when they did, because I didn’t feel like I deserved that much love.

I am so very thankful to have them in my life. And on top of all of that, I have the best husband in the world.


Photography: Emily Elizabeth Studios Binghamton, NY
Cake Toppers: Cortney Rector Weddings, Etsy
Cake: The Gingersnap Bakery, Phoenix NY
Catering: Dinosaur BBQ, Syracuse NY
DJ: Select Receptions, Syracuse NY
Dress: Dolly Couture, Los Angeles CA
Florist: Sam Rao Florist, Syracuse NY

For their privacy, I’ve decided not to post pictures of friends and family. You can view those if you’re friends with me on Facebook.

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