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I’m pregnant! *confetti*

I wanted to document this, because there have been many blogs I have followed, who opened up about their pregnancies and births, and they have helped me so much! So I hope I can help someone else someday, by sharing my experience too. So just a fair warning, there are semi-graphic details below!

How long were you two TTC?
We didn’t think it was going to happen so soon, but I was taking my basal body temperature every morning, charting with the Fertility Friend mobile app, and I had read Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. I cannot sing enough praise for that book. It’s incredibly thorough and goes through anatomy of the female body, understanding cycles, trying to conceive AND also trying to prevent. My book is only a few months old but I’ve read it so many times and bookmarked so many pages, it is well worn with love.

I took a pregnancy test 2 days before I was supposed to get my period. I honestly was expecting it to be a negative, so I just peed on it and casually put it on the counter, and waited. TWO LINES. Wait… WHAT? I texted my sister immediately; I wanted to make sure I wasn’t crazy, and that she saw the two lines too. She did! What do I do?? AM I OK? Should I call Mike (he was at work)? Ok, I’ll call Mike!

Midwife, or OB?
I’ve decided to go the midwife-route. I chose a midwife group that works with a hospital; it’s kind of the perfect combination for me. I am definitely not judging anyone for her choice of either OB or midwife — you have to do what is most comfortable for you! Period. I have “white coat hypertension” which is just a fancy way of saying doctors freak me out enough for them label it. I’ve known many incredible OBs, but I wanted to go with something a little less… well, white-coat. But I love still being able to give birth in a hospital, because should anything arise (knock on wood,) they can just wheel me down the hall and take care of me there. So for my comfort, this was a perfect choice.

What symptoms have you had so far?
And I’m afraid to write this next part… I have had zero morning sickness. Not 1 vomit. Notta puke. Zero upchucking. Nil spew. While I did have some major nausea, without the throwing-up, I felt like I hadn’t “earned” being pregnant (and to some extent, I still do).

Y’know what I did have though? Poops. Soooo much poop. My slight IBS has now been kicked into overdrive. And fatiiiiiigue, dear God the fatigue! I would sleep for 8 hours at night, take TWO naps during the day, and I was STILL exhausted. I had never experienced such draining fatigue.

And what’s with everyone talking about this “pregnancy glow?” What glow? Oh you must be referring to the glow of my oily skin and shiny pimples like I’m a 12-year-old all over again! Because that’s been happening. Zits. Everywhere.

Other than those, I’ve also been incredibly nervous, and afraid of hurting the baby. I was afraid of doing too much physical activity, so I stopped going to the gym. But I’ve gotten the green light from my midwife to start going back again. I’ll start slow, because I’m still nervous about it, but I’m definitely looking forward to getting back into it!

The scary ER visit
My first trimester had a terrifying moment… I went to the ER around week 6, the tech performed an ultrasound and found an empty gestational sac with no baby inside. She had terrible bedside manner and proceeded to tell me that I didn’t have a baby anymore. I was numb. I had to have her walk me back to my ER bed, the whole time she was reassuring me that she “knew what she was talking about,” because she “does this all the time.” …BUT then, the doctor on-call that night took a look at everything, and she said everything looked fine. Wait, what? So who do I believe? I left the ER confused and deflated, and I was urged by many people to report the tech on duty that night for her unprofessional behavior, but I didn’t. I never got her name, and I didn’t know how to go about reporting her. But luckily I had my first appointment with my midwife the following week.

During that first appointment, my midwife, and the OB on staff that day, gave me an ultrasound and found a heartbeat! Turns out when I thought I was 6 weeks, I was really only 5 weeks pregnant. *Phew* And Mike even teared up when he saw the little flicker on the screen! He acts like such a tough-guy but he’s a softy at heart.

First appointment
But can we talk about the amount of blood they draw? My first visit, I came unprepared: I hadn’t eaten breakfast, I was up and out of the house by 8am, and the blood draw was at 11am. Around tube 7, my vision started getting hazy, my pupils began to dilate, and I stopped being able to put sentences together; so I asked the phlebotomist to stop. She needed 10 tubes total, but only got 7, and had to throw away 2, because they were a part of a 3-set. Yikes. I need my blood too y’know! Since then, I eat mammoth-sized breakfasts beforehand, and bring snacks and juice with me.

They also found out I have borderline hypothyroidism, so I’m on a low-dose Synthroid to keep everything in check–no biggie.

Now I’m into my second trimester, and I’m feeling great! The fatigue is gone, the nighttime nausea still comes and goes, and we finally got to tell our friends and family the good news! (By the way, my parents are totally getting spoiled… my older sister is pregnant too–she is due in February–so they’re getting TWO grandchildren in 2015! And this will be my mother-in-law’s first grandbaby!)

We got to see our little baby wiggling around last week during our 12-week ultrasound. It’s so wonderful, and I can’t wait to meet him/her in June! We’ve started picking out some names too. We’re set on a name for a boy already, and still figuring out a name for a girl. Speaking of boy-or-girl, we’ve decided NOT to find out the sex of the baby, because we want to save the surprise for the birth!

I don’t have a “bump” yet because: 1, I’m 6′ tall; and 2, I’m chubby already. So it’ll probably be a while before there’s any significant change in my bump-ness… so there wouldn’t really be a point in taking a “bumpie” (I think that’s what every one is calling them these days.. right?).

But yep. 1,000 words or so about being pregnant so far! 🙂 Feel free to share any words of wisdom with me, or ask any questions!

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  1. So, obviously, after reading/responding to your comment on my blog, I just HAD to pop over here to see if you had written anything about your pregnancy. Hooray! You did!

    I don’t know how I would have handled that situation in the ER with the ultrasound tech. Honestly, I probably would have been a little more dramatic about it and I applaud you for being so level-headed (at least, that’s how you come off in your retelling of the story!).

    As for your complexion issues and lack of pregnancy glow, have no fear. Your skin will clear up in time and, depending on your natural complexion (dry v. oily), the glow will develop, too. My skin was a mess during my first trimester and I got so hung up on every little breakout and patch of redness. I refused to let anyone take pictures (even though I wanted to document my first few months of pregnancy) because I couldn’t stand how I looked in them. Now that I’m in my second trimester, everything is clear and the glow appears every so often. You’ll get there!