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Experiment V – Days 1 and 2

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We have lost it.


The BF and I went from going to the gym 5 nights a week, to going to the gym maybe twice a week.

Oh, and Cadbury Creme Eggs must be an important food group, because I’ve certainly been getting my 3-5 servings a day.

Something needed to happen. Something big. Then this idea came to mind: going vegan (on the fence of raw vegan) for 1 week, to help us get back into gear with our diet and exercise routine.

A lot of friends have been asking us “But… WHY??”

Well… our diets used to be incredibly on-track, Sun-Fri, and then on Saturday’s, we’d get a day off (or, our “fun day”). That system has been working since last July, flawlessly; I’m damn proud. (Who else do you know lost weight during Halloween, Thanksgiving, AND Christmas??) But in the past few weeks, it has completely fallen apart, and now our “fun day” is every day. So we’re doing this to reset our bodies, re-learn moderation, and help us get more veggies and good foods into our diets again. This isn’t meant to make vegan cuisine look like a punishment.

Day 1 (Monday) had a slight problem… Did you see my post about blueberry muffins? Yeah. Um… a few of those went missing. Other than that minor ….unexplained… event, it was fine, except we didn’t hit up the gym; by night, we were both really tired earlier than we normally would have been.

Day 2, (Tuesday): I woke up this morning absolutely exhausted; walking to the living room was an event. I passed out around 1, woke up at 3, and even after that, I had a hard time staying awake. I’ve been seriously cranky, irritable, moody, and even depressed. The BF, on the other hand, feels absolutely fine. We went to the gym too, and that was terrible for me. The BF and I try to out-do each other when we’re doing cardio, and I just couldn’t keep up. Unrelated to our diets, my side where I had my surgery has scar tissue, and every single time we work out, I end up hurting for days after. After such a crummy day, I felt completely defeated in every way.

We’ve fully stocked our fridge with tons of veggies, our counters are overflowing with fruit, I’ve got more bags of nuts than I know what to do with, and I’ve got my trusty Veganomicon! But since day 2 was so hard to get through, dinner was a simple potato and veggie dish with some sesame oil, garlic, and soy sauce.

I realize we could just bake up a batch of vegan cupcakes and cook up some giant plates of spaghetti and call it a day, but that would be cheating. This is about forcing the BF and I to eat healthier, a kick in the ass for both us. And then maybe next time I wont take that simple tablespoon of sour cream for granted…

So today (Wednesday) is day 3. I’ll have a post up later at the end of the day for a re-cap. This should be interesting…

Oh, last thing, if you get the urge to drastically change your diet, go visit your doctor first just to make sure you wont explode or anything.

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  1. A one week vegan diet sounds like a great way to get back on track. I’ve considered it myself, but then I think about cheese.