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Brew 52: Week 5 – Fruli Strawberry Beer

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This weeks beer is different, to say the least. I felt like going in a completely different direction this time around.

They said:
I have no idea. Their site is poorly designed. The only thing remotely close to any kind of description was “We think fruli is the best belgian fruit beer and the best strawberry beer on the market today!”

I say:
The aroma is pleasant and scented like strawberry soda. The taste is pretty similar; it tastes like someone mixed a light beer in with some strawberry soda. That’s not a bad thing really, because I could drink this beer all day. But if you’re looking for complexity, this beer has none. For the novice beer consumer, you could drink this all night; but for people who are more serious about their beer, you’ll probably pass on this one.

Brew Face!

Next week I’ll be reviewing Abita’s Purple Haze! 🙂

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